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What is Stone Stacking?

Stone stacking is a meditative artistic skill which can be produced anywhere, with a growing global movement. Stone stacking utilises the materials found in nature and balancing uses nothing more than the natural gravitational pull of the Earth. Other names for this practice are Rock Balancing, Cairn building, Rock Stacking and more.

How do I do it?

Stones are placed one on top of the other to produce sculptures which are held together by nothing other than gravity. More experienced practitioners of stone stacking are also famous for building archways and other inter-dependant structures from rocks and stones found in nature.

Where do I do it?

The most popular locations for stone stacking are near bodies of water, this is due to the body of natural materials found here. Beach locations offer a myriad of different stone types which can provide some remarkable jagged odd looking structures. Streams and Rivers have a more smooth surfaced stone and this can provide some very artistic and pleasing on the eye stacks. Whilst these are common locations stone stacking can be practiced anywhere you have something to balance. Gardens, Parks, woodlands and even in the comfort of your own home. Although many practitioners believe that being out in nature and the process of searching for the next stone to add makes the process far more beneficial.

Why do I do it?

To begin anything you might ask yourself first what is the end goal, and that is a great questions. We ultimately don’t have a definitive answer as it is inherently a personal choice. Some people stack because they have ten minutes to spare whilst waiting for something else, others spend hours because they like the focus and attention it requires to clear their mind of other thoughts. The beauty of this form of art, especially in stacks made at the beachside, is that they are transient in nature, you can spend all day creating stacks to return the next day and find the sea has reclaimed and reset the jigsaw.

The true purpose of stone stacking is only known by the practitioner, many people do it for different reasons, some for the mindfulness and meditation benefits and others for the artistic pleasure of trying to achieve the next great stack. Once you begin the process of stacking stones you can easily whittle away many hours building, re-positioning and seeking the next great balance as such this activity is extremely engaging and requires full attention. It is perhaps this sole focus that is the true essence of stone stacking, the moment where you find that point of gravity which you have been searching for.

To understand more about the nature of balance, check out this video : 


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