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Stone Stacking Benefits


Stone Stacking is a practice that requires nothing more than some time and a location. There is no time limit, no race and no stress. You have infinite resource and there is no set path. All these elements lead Stone stacking to be extremely relaxing and also develops a sense of patience as you meander your way to creating the next stack. Finding the centre point of gravity can prove tricky and requires a slow steady hand.

Creative processing

Seeing your stack before you build it is difficult, as you don’t have a pre set number of stones to stack. The key element with creative processing is to identify from sight and touch the likelyhood of the stone being able to be balanced, but also provide a platform for the next balance on top. As such creative processing becomes very important.


Concentration and focus

Stone stacking is an excellent way to clear your mind of other things. Being at one with nature and focussing on a single task will help focus your mind and concentrate. By stacking regularly you can build up a great ability to really concentrate and focus in the moment.


Hand-eye coordination

Finding the point of gravity to balance is as much a feel as it is a look. Depth perception can be blurred when stacking and it is key to trust the hands and feel of the stone as your are stacking. This combination of hand eye coordination has shown to improve hand eye coordination in many other ways.



Being outdoors is good for the mind and body, fresh air, excercise and exploration are all key elements to a healthy life. You will also discover a myriad of new things when stacking, whether it be new insects, small animals or different geological anomalies. This will help you engage with nature and can make you appreciate much more just how much the outdoors and nature has to offer.


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