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World Rock Stacking Championships 2024

9-14 July

Dunbar, Scotland

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The World Rock Stacking Championships 2024 costs nothing to enter and is open to both professionals and amateurs alike.

Adult Solo Artistic Competition

  1. Competitors will have four hours in which to create their artistic design. It must contain at least 3 stacked stones, one upon the other, but you may be as creative as you like in your design.

  2. Competitors may not use outside help in creating their artwork.

  3. Your artwork may contain materials found in the competition area, such as stones. wood, seaweed, metal, etc.

  4. You must not bring in any materials from outside the beach. Doing so is grounds for disqualification.

  5. Scores will be based entirely on the subjective opinions of the judges.


The overall winner of all 4 Adult events qualifies for a place at the coveted World Rock Stacking Championships 2025 at Llano Earth Art Festival in Texas. The prize is the payment of their flight to the festival.


Other prizes to be announced soon.

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